DVD Cases

DVD Cases

Make your DVD package stands out from the competitions! These cases are made exclusively for the 1 DVD or 2 DVDs. These unique custom photo wrapped DVD cases will complete your clients' video package. These DVD cses are handsomely crafted with solid constructions.

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File Requirements

File Requirement
Prepare your files in RGB color mode, 300dpi resolution. Save your files in JPEG format.

DVD Case Cover File
The photo on an DVD case cover is wrapped around the edges and tucked under the plastic DVD trays. Therefore, it require 0.75" (0.25" side edge + 0.5" tuck underneath the cover) on each side for wrapping. Avoid putting important text, a person's head, hands, etc. too close to the edge or they could be wrapped under the cover. These important elements should be designed 0.5" within your DVD cover. The safe zone for these elements is within 5"x5" on each side of the DVD covers.


For cases that hold 1 DVD, the overall lay-flat image file size should be 13.2"x6.9" including the spine.

For cases that hold 2 DVDs, the overall lay-flat image file size should be 13.4"x6.9" including the spine.

Here, you may download 1 DVD Case template or 2 DVDs Case template in JPEG format.